Tonteknik Recording in a yellow “green” building!

We are powered by wind power and heated by ground heat – A Green Studio.

We have 5 meters to the ceiling in a big and boomy studio room.

The well known Tonteknik quality equipment is of course around with top notch michrophones,

pre-amps and outboard gear.

A wide range of back line is also present.

See you soon!


Contact info: pelle@tonteknik.se or phone: +46 70 525 4645.



2014 has just begun and Tonteknik Recording is well prepared for the projects coming up. A new stereo Comp 54 will arrive in good time to add some glow to these exiting recordings. This week, the Umea based band My Sound Of Silence will start recording their new record. Right after this Moloken will start making an EP in our studio. Moloken will, as always, record live with very few overdubs. The set-up we have, allows 4-5 people to record with no bleed in between (if necessary) which means that Moloken has decided to record in a perfect facility for this.

The inspiration that the movie Sound City gives will be a true “red line” in an, as of now, secret project that will be going on over the next 6 months.

So, the new year is heading in a creative and exiting direction. The mastering department is also in good shape with new soft ware and as always, very competitive  prizing. Especially the Digital and Vinyl combo product. Now with a special “Separate Digital File” folder for free! Looking forward to more and more mastering in 2014!

Take care!

If you want to see more of the room, please press:              Slow Fox live in the studio 


Previous news: 

Going to the dark times in Northern Sweden we are digging into more music and more cool work. Been a long time since any news was posted on this page. More or less only because there been so much other things to take care of. The studio and control room are now more or less complete and is a true bliss for anyone working with music, or any sound experience for that matter! As of now the Swedish band Lighthouse are being mixed and right after that there will be a feature movie to be totally sound designed by us!
All this and lots more to come in a really nice and work friendly environment that costs a fraction of what the competition are asking..

Just installed my new custom made control room furniture. Designed by me and built by my friend Jocke Forsberg. This is the coolest and the most good sounding control room I have ever worked in! I’ve been all over the world recording/mixing/mastering but this beats them all:)!

2013 just started, a new and prosperous year in music. Tonteknik Recording are definitely going to make the best out of being a part of that idea.  The technical side of things are heading that way already with new mixing and recording gear installed. 2 Purple Audio Action compressors together with a Vintage Design CL1mk2 monster compressor. The SSL Soundscape rig has been upgraded with a UAD Quad Custom card for more processing power. The James Cleaver Quintet are the 1st act to get mixed after the upgrade, sounds big and tasty.. Some more news coming up shortly!

The James Cleaver Quintet from London will record and mix their new record during November and December, a full length album for world wide release.  The American label Minty Fresh ordered  vinyl masters of 2 of the classic albums by Komeda, for release on 200 gram see through vinyl. The Genius Of Komeda and What Makes it Go, recorded at Tonteknik in the mid and late 90′s, previously unreleased on vinyl.  A little cool anecdote around Komeda is that Jon Auer from the Posies came by to visit one day, just as being big fan of the records that now are being worked on for vinyl release. Universal minds or!?

Meanwhile, the studio is still growing and getting upgraded, a new work desk has been installed, together with 2 new mic pre's. 1 Vintage Design and 2 Lindell Audio 6x500. And as always, please check in and get good deals on both digital and vinyl masters!


Right now the Norwegian band Vanishing Vegas are being mixed, very personal and well played contemporary music. More autumn news from our agenda is that we will make the debut album with Becket during next month. Recording, mixing and mastering are set to be done. Maybe even producing might come in.. Also, the British/Swedish band the Alberts are mixing and mastering a 4 song EP late October. A truly amazing band who you can listen to on http://alberttracksuit.wordpress.com/ .. they have tons of songs there. Slow Fox are also keeping up the process of making their debut album, 16 songs are planned so far.

The autumn of 2012 is here and we are back on track. A new act that are working here is the Australian band Sydonia Songs who are getting 2 songs mixed. Another one is the Norwegian band Vanishing Vegas who are heading over for a recording/production in the beginning of September. The  Slow Fox album production is getting closer to a final result and so are Frida & the Coolants. Slow Fox still has some big chunks of recording to do but Frida & the Coolants are just a mix away from being finalized. The Mastering chain has once again a new software from Brainworx that is – as usual – amazing.

Soon half of 2012 has passed and the studio is still growing and being upgraded. The mastering chain has once again a new software from Brainworx that is – as usual – amazing. Please check in and get good deals on both digital and vinyl masters!

The biggest investment though, the ground heater that we used broke down so, a new and even more efficient has been installed during spring.

Musically during the spring we recorded, amongst a lot of other things (see below), a live shoot of a Ryan Adams song with Slow Fox. Check this video out, the studio is shown from all angels so you will get a good view of the room!

During summer there will be more songs recorded with Slow Fox and the new Swedish act, Typist, will record their debut album.

14 weeks into the new year and the studio is getting closer to be completed. Check some new pics out! Also, the pre-amp list has been upgraded with a 4 channel Fucusrite ISA 428 MK II a couple of weeks ago.

We can now gladly announce that Frida & the Coolants (S) have started the recording of their debut album. New Swedish act Slow Fox, have started to record an album due for release in the end of Summer 2012. The upcoming months also holds a whole lot of masterings and mixes coming from all sorts of places. Lahey (S), Stallion Four (S), Carver (G), Grande (S), Sliver (France), Adiccion (Mexico) and Cult Of Luna (S) are back on track for some more over dubs.

Bye the way, the Tonteknik mastering service have been up and running in normal pace the last year, with masters being delivered all around the world. Anyone interested in mastering, just drop me a line and I will take care of your music in the most respectful way. Now with some really amazing new Limiting Software from Brainworx.

I also have special deals for bands/artists who want to collaborate with me as a producer. During the past year I have arranged, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered 3 full albums this way. Anna Hamilton, Roger & the Rockets and Brita Kristina. Also, there is always a way to just use the studio as it is.. One of the best sounding units ever built, I promise! In 2011 the studio made 16 albums and some single tracks, some fast and easy, others with lots of love and care.

Check all additional pages on the site and see what we can do for you!

Cult of Luna visiting the studio pictured above. The first real image published from the new studio. Since a lot of work is still to be done, there haven’t been many pics out there so far. Getting close to the new year there will be more and more relevant pics coming up on this site.

In December the absolute last touches will be added to Brita Kristinas album, like final mixing and mastering. Fristad, the Umea pop wonders, is going to get their new single “300″ mixed and mastered ready for release in the beginning of the new year. Inculcado, the Norwegian band, will record and mix their 2nd album just before Xmas.

The Koo Koos are just about to mix their final single release for 2011. Album ready for release  in the begining of the new year.

Swedish rockers Lahey will be recording their debut album in November. Cult of Luna keeps up the grooves in November as well.

Right now Cult Of Luna are recording new material for the 1st time in years. The new studio delivers..

In August we will mix the Brit act Summerlin and also finish a bunch of  presets for Tonntracks EZ mix software. A selection of Dirty sounds for new music..

July is here and we’re still recording with Brita Kristina and Roger & the Rockets..

June is coming up close and will be the month when Brita-Kristina will be starting to record her debut album. A true Swedish talent that sure will make a difference..

May will be the time for recording Roger & the Rockets new album. An Americana act from Sweden with amazing critics from around the globe.

April assignment in the new studio is  -  Cleo  - the well a steamed rap artist. A new album ready for release during spring/summer of 2011.

Also coming up during April is 4 more songs = 4 more singles with the Koo – Koo’s.