Cult of Luna visiting the studio pictured above. The first real image published from the new studio. Since a lot of work is still to be done, there haven’t been many pics out there so far. Getting close to the new year there will be more and more relevant pics coming up on this site.

In December the absolute last touches will be added to Brita Kristinas album, like final mixing and mastering. Fristad, the Umea pop wonders, is going to get their new single “300″ mixed and mastered ready for release in the beginning of the new year. Inculcado, the Norwegian band, will record and mix their 2nd album just before Xmas.

The Koo Koos are just about to mix their final single release for 2011. Album ready for release  in the begining of the new year.

Swedish rockers Lahey will be recording their debut album in November. Cult of Luna keeps up the grooves in November as well.

Right now Cult Of Luna are recording new material for the 1st time in years. The new studio delivers..

In August we will mix the Brit act Summerlin and also finish a bunch of  presets for Toontracks EZ mix software. A selection of Dirty sounds for new music..

July is here and we’re still recording with Brita Kristina and Roger & the Rockets..

June is coming up close and will be the month when Brita-Kristina will be starting to record her debut album. A true Swedish talent that sure will make a difference..

May will be the time for recording Roger & the Rockets new album. An Americana act from Sweden with amazing critics from around the globe.

April assignment in the new studio is  –  Cleo  – the well a steamed rap artist. A new album ready for release during spring/summer of 2011.

Also coming up during April is 4 more songs = 4 more singles with the Koo – Koo’s.