Long time with no news from me.. Well, I’m not lazy or slow. Just been so busy with all sorts of things. This spring I’ve been working almost every day with cool music and cool sounds. The studio sounds better and better. Also been doing drums and percussion on like 20 tracks since the new year. Love it. Got some new microphones and 2 new pre-amps. A new Orange bass rig, a 1962 12 stringed Levin acoustic and a 50’s tenor banjo are also new in my sound pallet. So, right now a week off due to the fact that Cult Of Luna are recording a new album with Magnus Lindberg behind the desk. Sounds wicked.. and nice to be free a couple of days. Putting up a link to On The Mend – Songs Against Cancer, with 10 of the tracks I’ve been drumming on. All of the first 12 songs that contains drums and perc. Later this summer or early autumn there will be new pics from the studio space. Working on a partly new layout so, until then, check this music out.

On The Mend on Spotify
On The Mend on Apple Music