We have a complete setup of amps and instruments. The idea is that any act can show up emtyhanded and still be able to consive a very personal sound. 2 complete drum kits plus a wide varity of odd parts to assemble a 3rd custom kit. Pianos, Hammond organ, guitars, basses and percussion instruments. See back line list below for more details!

Back line list:

Keyboards: Steinway upright piano, Shiedmeyer upright piano, Wurlitzer 200 electric piano, Hammond M100 tube organ (with Lesley cabinet), Nord Electro rack synth, Roland SH 101 monophonic synth, a software based midi computer with i.e. Halion sampler including the samples of the Sgt. Pepper mellotron..

Guitars: Fender Telecaster Standard (US), Fender Telecaster (Guitars the Museum Goes West (w. Broadcaster pick up)), Fender Telecaster (Guitars the Museum Beno Bluesbreaker (w. mini humbucker pick up’s)), Fender Telecaster Custom(w Seymor/Duncan PAF pick-ups) (Japan)), Fender Subsonic Strat HH RW (baritone guitar(US)), Fender Squire Lead (Japan), JC Smith Acoustic guitar (Can), Landola Acoustic guitar (Fin), Levin 12 String Acoustic guitar (Swe), London 4 String Tenor Banjo (UK) ..

Basses: Rickenbacker 4001 (full scale) and a Danelectro Longhorn (short scale).

Amps: Fender Vibrolux (1966) combo, Gibson Les Paul (1953) combo, Fender Bassman (1974) head, Orange 120 (1970’s) head ,  Marshall JMP (1970’s) plexi head, Traynor Mark III (1970’s) head, Orange Terror Bass (2015) head, Phillips (1950’s) tube head, Peavey Artist VT (1970’s) tube combo, Peavey Studio Pro (1980’s) solidstate combo, Marshall 100 head (valvestate(:..

Speaker cabs: Marshal 4 x 12 (greenbacks), Fender 2 x 12, Soundside 2 x 15, Orange 4 x 10 and a Phillips 4 x 8 tower cab.

Drums: 1 DW custom kit (22, 16, 14, 12), 1 Gretsch (70’s) (22, 16, 13, 12) with a complete set of DW hardware. Brady 14 x 6,5, DW 14 x 5,5, Ludwig 14 x 8 and Premier 14 x 6 snares. Rhythm Ace FR-1 drum machine.

Percussion: A wide range of around 50 different well sounding tambourines, shakers, maracas, wind chimes, bells, sordo, african clay drums, darbouka drum and so on…